Premium limescale protection filter
Made in Korea 2 pce


Premium limescale protection filter
Made in Korea 2 pce

22,90 inkl. MwSt. 19%


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  • Protect your valuable shower toilet attachments, manufacturer independent, from dirt and sediment with our premium ionic filter.
    The ion filter has ½ inch internal and external thread.
    The filter should be connected directly to the shower toilet attachment (almost all have ½ inch water connection).
    – Ideal for your electronic shower toilet attachment
    – Ion exchanger resin
    – Removes heavy sediments and particles.
    – Premium quality Made in Korea
    – This water filter should be replaced every 2-3 months or sooner depending on water hardness.
    Failure to follow the instructions and operating guidelines will void the warranty.
    Furthermore, the manufacturer accepts no responsibility or liability for damage caused by improper use.
    – Suitable for LEEVENTUS shower toilets / for all other brands
    – The ion filters can only be exchanged if they are in their original packaging.

    Attention! This is not a limescale protection filter, but an ion filter. The manufacturer has applied an incorrect label.


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