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LEEVENTUS – This is your new high-quality shower-toilet attachment directly from the manufacturer!

Easy self-installation on your existing toilet.

  • GERMAN BRAND – You can buy the best branded shower-toilet attachments at LEEVENTUS: directly from the manufacturer at very reasonable prices!
  • OUTSTANDING DESIGN – Our unique design convinces at first sight and was awarded with a design award in Korea.
  • QUALITY CONTROL – Each individual model undergoes extensive checks and meets the highest quality standards.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Thanks to the many functions and setting options: water temperature + water pressure + nozzle position + dryer temperature + seat heating temperature, preheated seat in the cold season, pulsating + oscillating nozzle, LED night light, the Smart Toilet is the most pleasant solution in every situation.

Our smart toilet gives you a healthy, natural and soothing feeling of freshness. The Smart Toilet is the purest form of modern personal hygiene with water. The seat of the Smart Toilet is designed for cleaning the intimate area (anal and intensive cleaning, and vaginal area with the Lady Shower) and is intended exclusively for this use. A pre-cleaning with paper is not necessary (even disadvantageous). The Smart Toilet can be used like a normal toilet at any time, as the flushing functions independently of the Smart Toilet.

Why should you opt for our Smart Toilet?

  • You are purchasing a premium quality product directly from the manufacturer without any intermediate trade.
  • Qualitatively low-value bidets under 250 Euro will not give you any pleasure when going to the toilet.
  • In the case of other retailers, you cannot return shower/toilets after use or after breaking the seal, because they are hygiene products. However, it is possible to return the goods to us within 30 days!
  • We not only offer you products of the best quality, but also an uncomplicated, professional and friendly service, so that you can purchase our products with the highest satisfaction and use them over the long term.

We are bestsellers / Comparative winner in electronic shower/toilets on various comparison portals!

Dusch WC Leeventus

Is our Smart-Toilet also intended for you?

Yes, indeed!

Our smart toilet is particularly pleasant and advantageous for:

  • Girls and women during menstruation
  • Pregnant women
  • People suffering from anal disorders such as haemorrhoids
  • Older people or people with limited mobility
  • Overweight people up to 130kg
  • People with hard stools and constipation
  • People who must go to toilet more than twice a day

Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

You should consider this when buying a shower/toilet:

  1. Who pays the return shipping costs of the returned goods? We also bear the return shipping costs.
  2. Does the seller take back the goods even after the seal has been broken and the goods have been used?

    It is only with us that the return is possible within 30 days after breaking the seal and after use.

  3. Where is the product manufactured? In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should only choose brand products that have been manufactured in Germany or South Korea. Our goods are manufactured in South Korea.
  4. Does the seller have a branch in Germany?

    In case of a defect, a repair processing with a seller abroad is very difficult and expensive, because usually you have to pay the shipping costs yourself. We are registered in Germany at the District Court of Frankfurt. In the event of a warranty claim, we will pay the shipping costs in full.

  5. Are all important assembly kits included?

    In the case of many shower/toilets (e.g. from China), you need additional accessories from the hardware store for the connection. All the parts required for installation are included in the delivery.
    It is only with us that you have an extra long water hose (3 meters), which you can shorten to the required length!

  6. Is the operating manual in English?
    In the case of Chinese goods, there are usually only English-language operating manuals.
    We provide you, of course, with operating manual and quick reference guides in English.
    The following additional languages are available as image files for the models DIB-J430 & DIB-J430R:
    English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish.
The following languages are also available as image files for the model DIB-J850R:
English, France, Italian, Spanish, Polish.
  1. If you buy from a dealer based abroad (e.g. Switzerland or China), you must pay customs duties. We save you from this: no unnecessary trips to the customs office, no additional costs!