1. Why do we not offer complete shower-toilet installations?

The cleaning nozzle and the dryer of complete installations are located in the bowl of the toilet. The major disadvantage of this is that the seat comes into contact with the cleaning nozzle and the dryer: you then have to constantly clean these two parts in painstaking detail.

On the other hand, both the cleaning nozzle and the dryer of our products are hidden above the bowl, so that they are spared from such soiling.

Think it over carefully whether you want to spend your good money on such a complete installation and then regret the expensive decision!

  1. Smart Toilet Warranty for Leeventus products

Leeventus GmbH guarantees its end customers that the product is free of any material and manufacturing defects for 3 years, beginning on the date of purchase of a smart toilet.

In case of any material or manufacturing defects within the first 3 years, these will be repaired free of charge or the defective parts replaced if necessary.

The requirements for the Leeventus Smart-Toilet warranty are as follows:
  Proper installation, proper use and proper care and maintenance of the device.
  That no modifications have been made to the device.
  Worn parts, such as soft close (oil pressure) dampers are not covered by this warranty.
  The certified Leeventus service and spare parts centre for Europe is located at Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 20B, 65760 Eschborn in Germany.

Warranty claims are not applicable in the following cases:
  Corrosive residues from the pipe system
  Failure to comply with any safety precautions
  Use of chemical products in water treatment
  Use of force (e.g. blow, impact, fall)
  Unauthorized repair attempts
  normal wear and tear
  Environmental influences (humidity, heat, overvoltage, dust etc.
  Misuse or improper handling
  Non-compliance with the operating manual
  Breakages of any kind

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